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NAME: Koby at Koby Inc
LOCATION: Based in Toronto Canada, working internationally
ART: Photography + Video
MAIN GENRE: Beauty and Fashion Advertising
TRAINING: Humber College

BIO: Koby began his career as a surrealist painter. Captivated by what one could do with a lens, he began shooting photographs in 1994. Today, he is an Internationally published fashion photographer. His passion teamed with a diverse set of experimental influences gives him a competitive edge in the fashion industry.

LATEST WORKS: Editorial in Bamboo Magazine (Toronto) and And Men Magazine (Australia)


Please describe your artistic themes
Our artistic themes are mostly circling the concept of how beauty and fashion captures the attention of the viewer, and their transformation into surreal art.

Please describe your creative process
Our creative process is different with every project. Most commonly, we find the right artists that work for the project, such as set designers, location scouters, make up artists, hair artists, styling artists, etc., and together as a team come to a decision of how the project will be best executed. We then collect all the necessary elements for the project. During production days everyone already knows what their responsibilities are. After the images have been selected, my team of post production artists and I work together to make sure the final product comes to life with some very minor tweaking.

What are your artistic goals?
Our artistic goal in the short run is to become more established in the NYC and Tokyo fashion and beauty industry. In the long run we’d like to showcase artistic work through several art galleries on an international base.

What are your views on the industry?
The industry we are involved in is one of the most exciting and versatile industries that exists. The photography world is undergoing some important and interesting changes, and is receiving some tough reviews because of it – but that is the nature of this business. The transformation from Daguerreotype to glass plates to film to digital to video has all been groundbreaking, and presented its’ challenges. The important part is that it is something we thrive on and enjoy, because it gives us the opportunity to think outside the box and come up with new ways to express our artistic visions.

What advice would you give to emerging artists?
The advice I can give to emerging artists is: if you truly want to be a part of this world all you have to do is keep at it and push at it with everything you have. Most importantly, keep producing great work.

WEBSITE: koby-inc.com

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