Salon 2018

by Serge Aristide Nikiema

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THE ARTISTS FORUM SALON 2018 was held Thursday, September 13, 2018, from 7:30PM – 10PM at Magick City (37 Box St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY). The event was a prelude to The Artists Forum Festival of the Moving Image: 2018 and served as an introduction to its theme of Women’s Empowerment. The Salon featured poetic works by JP Howard and Keisha-Gaye Anderson, a screening of official selections from our 2017 Film Festival, plus a Q&A with our 2017 Audience Award winning filmmaker, Cinder Chou.

Showcased works included: “Father” by Martyna Iranska (Poland), “The Life of Marie” by Rolf Kasteneiner (Germany), “I Love New York” by Christian Vogeler (US), “The Man with the Western Hat” by Cinder Chou (US), and “Cha Cha Bitch” by Aaron Cobbett (US). Space Donation by Rich Awn (Mombucha Kombucha).

See our Photo & Graphics Gallery for event highlights.