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NAME: Maritri
LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY
ORIGIN: San Bernardino, California
ART: Music
MAIN GENRE: Soulfolk
TRAINING: Studied classically with Russell Baldwin, Raymond Jackson and Charles Timbrell, jazz with Grady Tate and Geri Allen
ARTS AFFILIATIONS: BMI, Soulfolk Experience, The Artists Forum

LATEST WORKS: “Enter Redemption” – a full length CD project


Please describe your artistic themes
All of my music and writing is based on life experiences… my own, or other people’s. I write of love, betrayal, victory, transition, death… all that composes life as we know it.

Please describe your creative process
I used to write and play piano exclusively, but in the last four years have taught myself guitar and now compose primarily on that.

What are your artistic goals?
To touch as many people with this music as possible.

What are your views on the industry?
There is a need for the return to real music. I was listening to Jay Z’s new tune about death to auto tune… That is how I feel about the industry. I miss the veterans and great writing and amazing bands.

What advice could you give to emerging artists?
Do it only if you cannot see yourself doing anything else. Do it for the love.

WEBSITE: Maritri on Facebook

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