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The Artists Forum is proud to announce Viktor Witkowski as its 2021 Artist of the Year.

Painter, filmmaker, and educator, Viktor Witkowski was born in Poland and raised in Germany. In 2006, Viktor immigrated to the United States and now splits his time between the US and Germany. As an educator, Viktor teaches as a lecturer in Dartmouth College’s Studio Art Department in New Hampshire. As a filmmaker, Viktor’s films and videos have been screened at numerous festivals in the US and abroad including such venues as the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, the York Art Gallery in York, England, or the LA Underground Film Forum in Los Angeles. As a fine artist, Viktor’s paintings have been featured in solo and group shows across the US, France, and Germany.

We bestow the honor of Artist of the Year to Viktor Witkowski for his innovative approach to documentary filmmaking, visual art, and arts education. We look forward to working with Viktor as our international ambassador for arts and culture.

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See Viktor’s August 2021 Artist of the Month profile, work samples, and full interview.
See Viktor’s acceptance speech video below.
Then, visit his website here:

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