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NAME: Nico and Adrian (Nicolás Grasso Urquiza and Adrian Alicea)
ORIGIN: Nico – Argentina / Adrian – US
ART: Nico – Painting, Photography, Interior & Fashion Design / Adrian – Performing Arts, Photography, Interior & Fashion Design
MAIN GENRE: Fashion Design
TRAINING: Nico – University of Design, School of Arts / Adrian – Dance School, Fashion from around the world

LATEST WORKS: Spring/Summer 2008 Collection plus many other projects


Please describe your artistic themes
Sensuality, youth culture, world culture, ecological awareness, and futuristic concepts.

Please describe your creative process:
We like to create an environment for ourselves: We talk about our projects for the day during a long breakfast, while listening to some Brazilian music. We go for a walk to fabric markets, invite some models over the studio, have fun, and enjoy life. We also love to travel and are inspired by our trips.

What are your artistic goals?
To make a beautiful world… open people’s eyes… help them to realize that one has the power to make our life an amazing experience.

What are your views on the industry?
The industry is saturated with “bad taste”… with bad designers hungry for fame and money (very 80s). It’s a vicious circuit where the artist’s sell themselves to galleries. It’s a non-creative era where people just consume what ever they see on a huge billboard.

What advice could you give to emerging artists?
“Follow your heart” and always send a message of love with your art.

WEBSITE: nicoandadrian.blogspot.com

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