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THE ARTISTS FORUM CHOREOGRAPHY COMPETITION, part of our Juried Arts Festival programming, is open to choreographers seeking to gain exposure in the New York City and international dance community.

Its mission is to provide an accessible platform for innovative choreographers to present their best work for juried selection, increase artist communication and business contacts, provide career advancement opportunities, and publicly award the work and talents of creative artists.

2024 THEME

Our 2024 Competition Theme: TECHNO-FEUDALISM.*
See our 2024 Juried Arts Festival page for competition theme details.
See our submission site for submission categories, Rules, and Terms for eligibility.

*While submissions aligned with our theme are preferred, we also accept non-theme related works.

Our 2024 Juried Arts Festival will be held in New York City this Spring.


Each submission, reviewed by a panel of industry professionals, will be rated upon its individual merits. Finalists in each category will be judged against one another and a winner declared. Please see Rules & Terms for eligibility.

Award recognition will be given at a ceremony in New York City, alongside screenings of selected films. In the case of COVID-19 restrictions, our award ceremony will be conducted online and then televised on Manhattan cable stations shortly thereafter.

All finalists will be considered for a MEET THE ARTISTS video profile and promoted on our online platforms.

Winners will be considered for a formal studio or Zoom interview with host to be promoted via THE ARTISTS FORUM TELEVISION – a 20+ year arts based television program broadcasted from mid-town Manhattan in New York City.

Opening Date: DECEMBER 4, 2023
Earlybird Deadline: DECEMBER 26, 2023
Regular Deadline: JANUARY 22, 2024
Late Deadline: FEBRUARY 19, 2024
Extended Late Deadline: MARCH 24, 2024

THE ARTISTS FORUM INC., now in its 25th year, is a New York City based non-profit arts service organization specializing in events, juried competitions, and media for artists. The organization provides an unparalleled platform for emerging and mid-career artists to share their stories with the world’s creative communities.

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Todd Ford

Todd Ford is a Berlin-based American artist with a focus on live performance, cultural events, and corporate photography for real estate development.


Lee Milby

Lee Milby is a New York-based director and artist known for creating unique and highly conceptual videos. Featured in both domestic and international publications, Lee’s ability to bring out the individual energy and style of each artist and brand makes for timeless, original content.


Matthew Westerby

Matthew is the Founder and Artistic Director of the New York City based Matthew Westerby Dance Company. MWDC works extensively in education, providing year-round dance program. Additionally, the company is motivated to create projects that foster community, building works that are accessible to all – participants and audience alike.


Amos White V

Amos is an inter-disciplinary multimedia artist, event producer, and exhibit designer. A graduate of the College of Human Ecology at the University of Maryland, College Park, Amos bridges his passion for the arts and human relations with the formation of THE ARTISTS FORUM.


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