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THE ARTISTS FORUM JURIED ARTS FESTIVAL provides an accessible platform for artists of multiple genres to share their latest, most innovative, and influential works with diverse audiences through juried competition. Participant and Winner benefits include public acknowledgement of exceptional projects and career advancement opportunities for both the artists and their collaborators.

Current opportunities include competitions in music, photography, spoken word, choreography, with other genres forthcoming. We encourage art community members to participate by submitting their best materials for consideration

Our 2024 Competition Theme is TECHNO-FEUDALISM*

THE ARTISTS FORUM invites artists to showcase interpretations for the phrase: Techno-Feudalism. Techno-feudalism, a recently coined term by Greek economist and politician Yanis Vaoufakis, is the transformation of capitalism by tech platforms, done by exploiting the labor force through new technologies.

An example of this concept would be companies hiring people to work from home or through and app, but not paying for employees computers, car repairs, or the infrastructure needed to perform their work.

An expansion on this concept covers the manipulating of media to better serve a political agenda, such as running bots on niche topics that create a sense of divisiveness or political unease.

Additionally, our theme gives a nod to Tech-Deserts. Even in New York City, Tech-deserts (places where many households lack reliable computer and internet access) abound, giving people restricted access to information, thereby limiting their access to other points of view or the ability to research topics.

*While submissions aligned with our theme are preferred, we also accept non-theme related works.


Each submission, reviewed by a panel of industry professionals, will be rated upon its individual merits. Finalists in each category will be judged against one another and a winner declared. Our list of competition jurors is forthcoming.

All selected artists are eligible for a television studio or Zoom interview to be promoted on our online platforms and via THE ARTISTS FORUM TELEVISION – an arts-based cable TV program broadcasted from New York City since 2000.

DECEMBER 4, 2023
Earlybird Deadline: DECEMBER 26, 2023
Regular Deadline: JANUARY 22, 2024
Late Deadline: FEBRUARY 19, 2024
Extended Late Deadline: MARCH 24, 2024

THE ARTISTS FORUM INC., now in its 25th year, is a New York City based non-profit arts service organization specializing in events, juried competitions, and media for artists. The organization provides an unparalleled platform for emerging and mid-career artists to share their stories with the world’s creative communities.

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