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by Michael Goldstein

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Written by Michael Goldstein for THE ARTISTS FORUM MAGAZINE
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Michael Goldstein and Amos White V

4 out of 5 stars


NEW YORK, NY (December 8, 2015) Opening Reception, December 7, 2015 – Pulling into the next station, visual artist Anthony E. Boone puts aside his time as a freight train conductor to conduct his own stunning scenery. His most recent collection, Foreshadow, was hosted by Babbalucci an Italian restaurant in Harlem on Malcolm X Blvd. Boone desires that his latest abstract mixed-media works, made exclusively for the exhibition, elevate the senses of the audience.

Although the paintings are classified as abstract, his usage of acrylic paint creates a universe reminiscent of our own in his frames. Looking at Boone’s painting, Viscera’s Heartbeat, for example, the audience is immediately drawn to the center layer of the canvas, a singular pillar of multiple colors trailing down in a thick line to create artistic representation of the human body’s inner mechanics.

The excessive black paint In this pillar leads me to believe that this is the inner organs struggling to stay alive In the midst of an aggressive external force. If that is the case, it captures magnificently the slow but quick assault bad things are capable of doing to the body.

Mystery of the Nebula by Anthony E. Boone (Photo by Amos White V)

Other paintings, such as Kiss in Slow Motion and Mystery of the Nebula, used the entire canvas to their effect. In the latter portrait, the spread of blackness frozen on the wall capture almost-omniscient vastness of the farthest clutches of space, the red flows looking to conflict for space with the blackness most likely a part of this interstellar cloud of mystery. The former portrait, on the other hand, enforces an intricate flow of mostly white to make a vague but stunning image of two human heads conjoining their lips in a state of ageless bliss.

Models wearing dresses created from Boone ‘s “Mystery of the Nebula fabric print, stitched by his mother (Photo by Michael Goldstein)
Model wearing dress created from Anthony E. Boone ‘s “Mystery of the Nebula fabric print (Photo by Amos White V)

The most surprising place Boone’s spacescapes end up, however, is on someone’s body. Boone’s mother had stitched together, from one of Boone’s paintings, two of the most unique outfits for the runway. The cosmos composed of black and red wrapped around two lovely models to create two of the most elegant dresses ever brought to an art gallery.

Like the cosmos, Boone’s art invites us to expand our minds and orbit around the galaxies of his paintings, each one determined to be as abstract as possible. All we’re missing is a rocket ship and spacesuit. The exhibit beings December 7th through the 27th. Event proceeds to benefit The Artists Forum and The Time In Children’s Art Initiative.

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Anthony E. Boone at his “Foreshadow” event (Photo by Amos White V)

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