Gallery: Dan Christensen: Paintings 1970-1989 / Richard Diebenkorn: Prints

by Michael Goldstein

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Written by Michael Goldstein for THE ARTISTS FORUM MAGAZINE
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Michael Goldstein

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NEW YORK, NY (October 25, 2015) Abstract expressionism gripped the walls like hands on the handlebar of a bicycle for the month of October. Thanks to the works of Richard Diebenkorn and Dan Christensen, their works are taking up dominion at the Leslie Feely Gallery at 33 East 68th Street.

Diebenkorn is most recognizable for his Ocean Park paintings, but there appears to be very little evidence of that on these walls. While the gallery is varied, very few can be considered winners. The ones that immediately jumped out at me were his Tri-Color Spade and Spreading Spade etchings.

While not being as abstract as the rest of the gallery, the two works make an immediate abstract statement. What helps the variety of patterns and colors in the spade is how each spades appears to be swallowing up the black backdrop as best they can, thanks in part to using a variety of patterns and colors.

The works of Dan Christensen at Leslie Feely Gallery

Meanwhile, the Christensen exhibition, though hanging in with four paintings, hits the ball out of the park on every canvas. In contrast to Diebenkorn, Christensen takes a very minimalist approach as his colors hug the frames of his work. Greenglo presents a field of soft green where as Semihole presents a field of soft magenta. Both paintings are boastful and commanding, effortlessly hypnotizing you into the shimmering core of their various loops.

The other works presented at this gallery were Yellow Bumper, which relied on sharply defined colors and structures to control the canvas and the audience, creating a geometric landscape of different textures. Lastly, there was Liberty, a canvas nearly swallowed by multiple colors being scraped into the painting a few thousand times, creating an alluringly dazzling effect on the eyes.

At the end of the day, Diebenkorn and Christensen made their mark at Leslie Feely. At their best, both artists demonstrate a remarkable display of color and control, making for some delightfully unusual creations.

The exhibit runs from September 17 – October 31, 2015.

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