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by Haylee Chancellor

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Written by Haylee Chancellor for THE ARTISTS FORUM MAGAZINE
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Haylee Chancellor

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UNIONDALE, NY (October 31, 2016) Opening Reception – If you love letting your imagination run wild, if you love nature and the intricacies of this planet, you are certain to enjoy artists John Day and Alex Ferrone’s latest exhibit Perception and Transformation at the Omni Gallery in Uniondale, NY, curated by Dawn Lee.

Abstract artist John Day was raised in New York City, but fell in love with the outdoors. At yesterday’s opening reception, Day said, “It took me a long time to get into the wilderness.” Though most of us, when feeling overwhelmed, feel the need to “get out of the woods,” Day runs into the thickets. It’s there in the wilderness where he has found a way to use expression, inspiration, and wonder to transform his own memories and emotions into masterful works of art.

Each piece is unique and Day’s use of color and movement seems to amplify nature to its most intense form. Mostly using bold oils and acrylics, Day also uses natural elements like sawdust for texture and has hand-crafted his own air brush tool which renders a depth quality, giving each piece a delightfully untamed characteristic. The bright colors not only bring life to the nature-inspired works, but it provokes a sense of fantasy and whimsy that makes you feel as though you’ve found a place no one else has ever set foot on.

John Day with his work at Omni Gallery
John Day with his work at Omni Gallery
The work of John Day at Omni Gallery
The work of John Day at Omni Gallery

Alex Ferrone may be a fine art photographer, but also has a career as what seems like one of the coolest jobs ever – a commercial aerial photographer. This allows her the opportunity to photograph Long Island landscapes while flying in a helicopter. With an eye for depth and color coupled with a love for the Sound and bays across Long Island, she began to capture her unique view of the world with her camera lens. The result is the realization that the natural state of these bodies of water makes for some incredible abstract art. Ferrone shows us the unique range of colors that fall on the ocean floor way above the line of vision we ground-dwellers are limited to. Like looking through a liquid kaleidoscope, the constant ebb and flow of the water urges a sense of wonder and the need to explore. The mysterious depths of the ocean and endless patterns within are a visual gift from Ferrone, with her rare perspective and artistic perception.

Photographer Alex Ferrone with her work at Omni Gallery
Photographer Alex Ferrone with her work at Omni Gallery
The photography of Alex Ferrone at Omni Gallery
The photography of Alex Ferrone at Omni Gallery

As you stroll from one exceptional piece to the next, it’s clear the juxtaposition of John Day and Alex Ferrone’s works bring an enlightening view of an untamed world that, for many of us, only our imaginations will ever visit. Curator Dawn Lee had a stroke of genius when she coupled these two artist’s works together. Their styles and media may be different, but every piece arouses a sense of wonder – or as Lee says, “mystery.” Perception and Transformation runs through February 11, 2017.

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Guests mingle at the “Perception and Transformation” exhibit at the Omni Gallery featuring artists John Day and Alex Ferrone

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