November 2008: Fans of Jimmy Century


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NAME: Fans of Jimmy Century
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA
ORIGIN: San Francisco, CA (Alicia Perrone) / Alturas, CA (Victor James)
ART: Music
MAIN GENRE: Electronic / Alternative Dance

LATEST WORKS: Hot Sahara – first single rising to #23 on World Dance Charts


Please describe your creative process

We are 24-7 obsessed with making a difference and music is our first and foremost expression.  When we song write, we go underground for 1-2 months and immerse ourselves in rhythm, melody, and making sure we remain socially conscious and relevant.  We read, we listen to audio of inspirational leaders, we attend conferences of like-minded progressives, and we don’t see the light of day much during that mining process

What are your artistic goals?

Our goals are to light people up on dance floors all over the world with a theme of social commitment, community involvement, while seeking out sexy hustlers for positive change on our planet.

What are your views on the industry?

The industry is ripe for independents who are socially-minded and passionate about their art contributing to humanity.  Now, more than ever, we can all rise up together with an independent spirit taking us to new heights using music as our universal language and motivator.

What advice could you give to emerging artists?

Don’t worry about getting signed to a record label.  Follow your passion and your heart.  Spread the word to as many people as possible – make your voice heard and contribute to your community.  You will find your way and the universe will unfold as it should.  And write it down.  Write it all down.  Declare it to the universe. Magically, it will appear.

WEBSITE: Fans Of Jimmy Century

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