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NAME: Matt “The Specimen” Gorny
LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY
ORIGIN: Poland
ART: Singer/Songwriter/Producer
MAIN GENRE: Indie dance rock
TRAINING: Jump rope and chin-ups

LATEST WORKS: “Do U Damage” Remixes – album released Apr/May 2008 on Peace Bisquit Records / Sp Lab Records


Please describe your artistic themes

I get a lot of inspiration from thinking about people and situations… relationships; whether romantic or platonic, how I react to people and how they react to me give me ideas for what I want to say.  Sometimes really small incidents can inspire to write a song, or just become a taking off point for an imagined situation and story to tell.

Please describe your creative process

I used to sit and play acoustic guitar a lot, but over the last few years I’ve had less time to just sit and play around, so songs have had to come out on the go. I usually start with a melody walking down the street; sometimes the tempo compels me to think of a melody that would go well with the beat, and so whatever words happen to hit my mind I sing just to help me form the line.  Hopefully something cool happens and I keep singing and refining the melody.  If I’m at home I’ll record what I have so I don’t forget it.  Then I start working on a track in my home studio.  I also love to do collaborations, where I get an instrumental track and have to come up with melody and lyrics to it.  It’s a lot of fun, especially when I get an amazing song like Plastic Lover which I did with Risque.

What are your artistic goals?

This year I’m working on completing a full length album.  It will have awesome melodies and grooves, be diverse and cohesive and hopefully modern and yet timeless.  It’s a tall order, so it won’t come out till next spring, since I need the time to do it right.

What are your views on the industry?

The industry is tough and crazy, but there are a lot of things happening where it’s possible to get the music heard and people who want to get involved on different levels that I feel it’s quite encouraging.

What advice could you give to emerging artists?

I’m not sure I am really able to dispel any wisdom, but I heard one really important line of advice from Davit Sounders at the Billboard Song Awards Show; “Those at the top, simply work harder”

WEBSITE: Matt Gorny on Discogs

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