February 2008: OHN

by Serge Aristide Nikiema

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NAME: OHN (pronounced “on”) is: Bill Sarver (Founding father/programmer/producer), Chris Forshage (guitar, horn), Andrew Tachovsky (guitar), Brad Houser (bass, sax), Allison Scharf (vocals). This interview is with Bill Sarver.
ART: Music
MAIN GENRE: Electro, Jazz, Pop, Funk
TRAINING: (Producer Bill Sarver) University of Texas: Computer Science and Electronic Music degree



LATEST WORKS: Third OHN album “Revolutionary Revolution” EP for Lila’s Medicine “Into the Light”


PLEASE DESCRIBE YOUR ARTISTIC THEMES: Anything that challenges us as musicians. We combine many musical genres and influences into an electronic and live format.

PLEASE DESCRIBE YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS: I start with some ideas (beats, melodies) and then I have various musicians come in and improvise on top of that. Once I get enough recordings from various people, I then go back and chop up and sample their performances and create an entire track from these sessions. Once that is done, when we play live, the various musicians then improv from the edits and ideas I came up with from their original performances. Instead of sampling old records, I just sample live musicians.

WHAT ARE YOUR ARTISTIC GOALS (and WHAT DO YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE THEM)?: (To) keep churning out challenging and interesting tunes that inspire me as an artist.

WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON THE INDUSTRY?: CHANGE! It is nice to see the bottle neck of the larger labels being torn down. The whole economic model of the music industry is being turned on it’s (ear) by the internet and cheaper consumer recording and editing software such as Pro Tools and Ableton Live.

WHAT ADVICE COULD YOU GIVE TO EMERGING ARTISTS?: Focus on good songs. It always comes back to that no matter the genre. Keep at it and use your bad experiences as a learning tool.

WEBSITE: http://www.letsgetitohn.com/

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