March 2012: Michel Lorente


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NAME: Michel Lorente
LOCATION: Ville-Morgon, France
ORIGIN: France
ART: Photography
MAIN GENRE: Landscape & Portraits
TRAINING: Self-made man

BIO: I’m born in 1962. My mother bought me my first reflex camera for my 18th birthday. A Ricoh. I learned all I know in books or in shooting. I never took lessons with a “real” teacher. I stopped photography for almost ten years to play music (piano). In the early 2000’s, I realized that I missed photography so much. I bought my first digital camera (an Olympus) and never stop shooting since then. I have a daily job (computer specialist) and a job as photographer (family portraits, commercial shoots). My main project is to become a full-time professional photographer.

LATEST WORKS: A slide-show based on my landscape photos published on YouTube


Please describe your artistic themes
Living creatures, nature.

Please describe your creative process
I like to be surprised. So I’m not very fond of studio work. I’d rather improvised than organized even for my portraits. The only things I plan is shooting objects (or commercial purpose or for lightning tests) and nature (because you have to deal with the weather). Then I work with my software (Adobe products) and see what I can do to let the best going out my photos.

What are your artistic goals?
My main goals are to reveal the soul of my models and the beauty of Nature. But first of all, I want to remain sincere and honest.

What are your views on the industry?
The growth of the Internet and the rising of digital cameras has “create” a lot of photographers. Since then only the strong will survive. For me, being strong in photography means being original and being close to the people. A photographer has to talk with the viewer with his photos in a level that anyone can understand.

What advice could you give to emerging artists?
As a great photographer said, “Learn all the rules then forget them.”


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