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by Amos White V

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Written by Amos White V for THE ARTISTS FORUM MAGAZINE
Edited by
Aaron Leventman

4 out of 5 stars


NEW YORK, NY (March 18, 2012) Last night, The Artists Forum went to see the closing night performance of Aaron Leventman‘s off-off-Broadway play, Almost Adults: 3 Plays about Sex, Love, and Immaturity, presented by the Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

Directed by Vanessa Lancellotti, all three plays were New York stories set in the present day. All three plays focused on the lives of gay men who were at different stages of personal development.

Left to Right: Josh Rowe as Chet / Jimmy Moore as Brian in “Second Year Itch
Left to right: Jimmy Moore as Brian, Fernando Contreras as Jerry and Justin Sebastyan as Jaimie in “Second Year Itch

The first play, Second Year Itch, focused on a couple who decided to experiment with internet want ads and found themselves in a most unusual situation the next day… and there after.

The second play (and The Artists Forum favorite of the trilogy), Under Age, explored the budding sexuality of a 17 year old drama student’s summer fling with an older man he met in the subway.

Left to right: Josh Rowe as Peter and Justin Sebastyan as Ethan in “Under Age”

Sexual boasting, lies, and threats of blackmail prevailed in the third and final play of the evening, Maturity, focusing on the sibling rivalry between two opposite-sexed fraternal twins who try to stand their ground before heading off to college.

Left to Right: Kati Rae Cowardin as Heather and Justin Sebastyan as Ethan in Maturity

We found the work to be very entertaining, witty, well written and directed for such a small, black box production. Be on the look out for more fine works by Aaron Leventman in the future.

Cast: Fernando Contreras, Kati Rae Cowardin, Jimmy Moore, Joshua Rowe, and Justin Sebastyan. Stage Manager: Brian J. Conklin / Sound: Kevin Brouder / Lighting: Allison Hall.

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