Gallery: Daniel Bottero: Abstract Dreamscapes

by Laura Hankin

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Written by Laura Hankin for THE ARTISTS FORUM MAGAZINE
Edited by
Courtesy of Daniel Bottero
On-site Photography: Amber De Vos for Patrick McMullan

4 out of 5 stars


NEW YORK, NY (April 4, 2012) Until April 30th, when shoppers pass through the Time Warner Center to browse at J. Crew or purchase overpriced baked goods, they might find themselves pausing at an art exhibit plopped, in fish-out-of-water fashion, in the midst of the second floor. Tonight’s opening reception for Daniel Bottero‘s Abstract Dreamscapes at the Time Warner Center is filled with energy. His new exhibit, curated with abstracts bursting with color and passion, is definitely worth a look.

Abstract work by artist Daniel Bottero from his Time Warner Center exhibition

Bottero comes to NYC by way of Argentina, with stops along the way in Italy and Paris. He makes art not for geopolitical commentary or to experiment with different forms but rather to elucidate his inner life in the hope of, in his own words, someday creating “a work of art that might awaken sensations that lie dormant in all of our hearts.” The desire to foster a shared, universal emotional experience is a winning one but, while I found much to appreciate in this exhibit, no tidal waves of feeling or emotional epiphanies swept me away.

That said, there are some beautiful mysteries to untangle in Bottero’s work as he takes the viewer through thorny patches of sadness and hopeful depictions of love. Most of his paintings are untitled, but those that are tend to share a common theme, like Sweet Dreams of Love or Learning to Love Again. One of these, Holding Onto Love, depicts two colorful hearts, the basic kind a child would draw in school, huddling together near the top of what could be a dwelling. In the world of the canvas, the hearts don’t take up much space, and outside of them, the view is mainly a dull tan, with ominous red marks tracking their way across the piece. But the hearts have a hope and innocence to them, resisting what pulls at them from the exterior.

Abstract work by artist Daniel Bottero from his Time Warner Center exhibition

Many of his other works, all labeled as mixed media but made mostly with paint, are awash with color throughout. The hues range from deep blues to fiery oranges, all smashing into one another haphazardly, with paint drops and chunky red lines intermittently making their presences known. Often the pieces selected and set next to one another have few big differences between them, working as variations on a theme. Occasionally, Bottero uses crayon which brings to mind an inexperienced child – full of feeling, striking at a canvas with abandon in an attempt to somehow record the turbulence he experiences.

Abstract work by artist Daniel Bottero from his Time Warner Center exhibition

According to Bottero, he aims to get to a place in his work where he does not consciously plan his creations and thus, when looking at a finished painting, he is “left with no recollections of how it happened.” The spontaneity he espouses bursts through in his art. Hopefully, the people who pass by his exhibit in the course of their shopping will revel in some spontaneity themselves, allowing for the possibility of getting lost in Bottero’s world.

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Marion Bowers, Amos White, Onyina Lbioha== Opening Reception for DANIEL BOTTERO’S ABSTRACT DREAMSCAPES== Time Warner Center, NYC== April 4, 2012== © Patrick McMullan== Photo – AMBER DE VOS/ ==

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