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The Artists Forum is proud to announce Aaron Cobbett as its 2022 Artist of the Year.

New York native Aaron Cobbett began his career as a window dresser in the 80’s and has gone on to become an accomplished photographer, filmmaker, costume designer, and textile artist. He’s designed costumes for Patricia Field, Christopher Williams, and countless drag shows, photo shoots and music videos.

His work has been the subject of two monographs (Super Eros in 1999 and Cobbett in 2008) and has been shown at the FIT Museum, the Leslie Lohman Museum, the New York Historical Society, and the Louvre in Paris. Living and working in Brooklyn, NY, Aaron’s latest projects focus on quilt making and the human body.

We present this honor to him in recognition of his pioneering approach to LGBTQ+ imagery in media and fine arts. We look forward to working with Aaron as our international ambassador for arts and culture in 2023.

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See Aaron’s June 2022 Artist of the Month profile, work samples, and full interview.
See Aaron’s acceptance speech video below.
Then, visit his website here:

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