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NAME: Ty Whittington-Scott
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
ORIGIN: New York, NY
ART: Writer / Director / Producer
MAIN GENRE: Narrative
TRAINING: Self-taught

BIO: Filmmaker Ty Whittington-Scott is a passionate creative. She has won screenwriting and directorial awards with her independently produced short films via her production company, BossChics Films. Her directorial work includes the award winning short film, Parker & Angel (2017) (currently streaming on Amazon Prime), Counterblow (2019), Amphibious Princess (2018), and LaLa Land (2018) – a remake of Susanna Kaysen’s best-selling 1993 memoir, Girl Interrupted. Most recently, Ty co-produced a suspense-filled horror film entitled, Room 203 (2022) which was developed, shot, and sold within a year during the pandemic. She is also the Founder and CEO of her new multi-national independent production company, Oshun Entertainment.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: As an award-winning filmmaker, Ty’s work has been featured in various film festivals, including The Artists Forum Festival of the Moving Image: 2018, where she won our Best Actress (Jill Allen) and the 2018 Audience Award for her short film, Parker & Angel (2017), now available on Amazon Prime. Additionally, Ty was a featured guest at The Artists Forum Salon 2019: Women’s Empowerment Event at the JCC Harlem.

LATEST WORKS: Co-production on the feature film, Room 203 (2022) – shot during the COVID-19 pandemic. The film screens at select theaters starting April 15, 2022.

WORK SAMPLES: Directors Reel: Ty Whittington‘s Reel, Three trailers: Room 203 (2022), Counterblow (2019), LaLa Land (2018), Knot Normal (2018), and Parker & Angel (2017).


Please describe your artistic themes
My artistic themes [surround the worlds of] young adults. I didn’t realize until afterwards that every screenplay I work on is garnered towards young adults in leading roles. I don’t stick to a particular genre. I love drama, comedy, rom-com and horror. 

Please describe your creative process
It all starts with an idea. Then, I research those ideas or new concepts I’m not fully knowledgeable on. Afterwards, I usually sit with music and write on my laptop everyday until my screenplay done. Music helps me get in my zone. Sometimes I would even have the same song on repeat so i can keep the vibe and feel of whatever it is I’m working on.

What are your artistic goals? What do you need to achieve them?
My artistic goals right now are to film a slate of amazing feature films I’m in development with. I need partnerships and investors on board.

What are your views on the industry?
I love where the industry is going as far as African American content. Finally seeing a change with the narrative of our culture. I look forward to bringing my work to the field as well.

What advice would you give to emerging artists?
Consistency! No matter what, stay consistent. Consistency is key. Even if it’s just 5 mins per day. Also, always learn something new within your craft each day. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!!! Relationships in this business go a very long way.

WEBSITE: ty-whittington.com
INSTAGRAM: @bosschicsfilms
TWITTER: ty_w_scott
YOUTUBE: bosschicsfilms
VIMEO: tywhittington

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