Gallery: A Boone for Harlem Closing Night Party

by Haylee Chancellor

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Written by Haylee Chancellor for THE ARTISTS FORUM MAGAZINE
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Amos White V

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New York, NY (September 16, 2015) One of my favorite things about New York City is every year as the summer fades out and the evening turns a little cooler, New York City becomes alive. There’s a new wave of creativity and inspiration for the fall transition and everyone gets to be a part of it. Art was definitely alive and flourishing last night at Anthony E. Boone’s closing exhibition party A Boone For Harlem. Held at the quaint and stylish French bistro, Chéri, on Lenox Avenue in Harlem, Boone (an alum of The Artists Forum) was not only able to feature his own incredible work, but also introduced a few of his artistic acquaintances.

Anthony E. Boone with his painting “Synchronicity “

Boone’s work is engaging both visually and emotionally. Each piece highlights Boone’s sense of artistic adventure through his use of bold color and texture. When asked about the materials Boone prefers to use, “I use everything,” he admits, “acrylics, oils, latex, wood stain… I’ll often use a scraper or spoon to get different types of texture and a lot of tilting,” says Boone, “You’ll see a lot of movement in my work.”

touShai paints her live model in front of Anthony E. Boone’s “Life”
touShai (aka Shaina Negrón) reinterprets “Life” with body painting
touShai paints her live model in front of Anthony E. Boone’s “Life”

Movement is definitely evident in Boone’s work and it’s no surprise his greatest muse for creating is music. “I believe that different types of music will bring out different emotions and you’ll see that in my work – everything is raw.” Boone’s expression of movement and raw emotion is enchanting for art’s enthusiasts, but what makes Boone even more unique is his ability to inspire other artists through his work.

Body painting artist, touShai (aka Shaina Negrón), used a model as a human canvas to reinterpret Boone’s piece titled Life. A clever addition to Boone’s already captivating piece, touShai brought literal life to Life. Also featured was fashion designer and stylist Myke Hooper that used one of Boone’s paintings titled Synchronicity as print for fabric and then designed an evening. The model wearing the Boone-inspired gown claimed she was honored to wear such works of art and that she felt “a part of history.”

Anthony E. Boone, with fashion designer and stylist Myke Hooper, pose with model in “Synchronicity” dress
Model in “Synchronicity” dress poses with “Synchronicity” painting

Anthony E. Boone’s closing party was an exciting night for everyone who was lucky enough to be part of it. Various expressions of artistic ability, good music, great people and an open bar were the ingredients to a perfectly unforgettable evening.

For more information about Anthony E. Boone and his work, visit:

Writer Haylee Chancellor (l) and Anthony E. Boone (r) with his painting “Life” in the background
touShai with body painting model and Anthony E. Boone with his painting “Life” in the background

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