Gallery: Rachelle Krieger: Rocks & Rays

by Michael Goldstein

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Written by Michael Goldstein for THE ARTISTS FORUM MAGAZINE
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Michael Goldstein

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NEW YORK, NY (September 13, 2015) Opening Reception, September 10, 2015 – Shaping our world is a collection of dynamic forces that we are unaware of as we go about our daily lives. Fortunately, painter Rachelle Krieger took the time to put these forces in the spotlight as the Susan Eley Fine Art Gallery recently unveiled Krieger’s solo exhibition – Rocks & Rays – depicting her take on the invisible forces that inhabit this world.

Rocks and Rays 2″ (2015) by Rachelle Krieger

On the canvas she puts in oil strokes, swirls, and spheres that leaves us to recognize and reflect on nature’s physical features. Beaming (2014), for example, anchors onto the canvas a collection of interpretations. The viewer is left to decide whether the combination of blue patches and half-formed spheres capture the shifting emotion of an incoming storm, or the dancing particles at the bottom of the sea that the sun can’t reach. Meanwhile, Rocks and Rays 2 (2015) manipulates warm and hot colors to reflect the patchwork structure of our earth’s mountains and soil, making for an effective portrait of our planet’s history.

Krieger’s efficiency is represented in basic shapes to convey the imagery of the elements. Some of the paintings are much warmer in color than others, like Spring (2015), in which the canvas is dominated by yellow strokes. The green spots at the top most likely represent pollen, which signifies the change of season and the beginning of Spring.

Krieger commented, “I would like for people viewing the gallery to experience something outside of themselves.” It’s a focus of strokes, strings, and shapes that certainly deserves more than just one gallery.

The exhibit runs from September 8 – October 29, 2015.

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