Anthony Boone

by Serge Aristide Nikiema

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Anthony Boone is a self-taught artist and a spirited thinker and visualizer in addition to being an apparel graphic designer. He specializes in several forms of art including mixed media, sculpting and fashion design.

As an original his own niche, Boone believes in playing by his own rules and making use of different kinds of materials to create his paintings instead of the conventional brushes.

How it all started — An Incredible Journey
Having started his journey back in 2005 when a close friend invited him to attend several different art shows, he has now developed into a self-motivated artist with his artwork showing up more and more in the Jersey City.

With a focus on creating art inspired by the flow of energy and free movement, entwined with emotions and internal guidance, Boone’s work is truly unlike any other. this element sets him apart and makes him the center of admiration as many fans around the globe purchase his work with great interest.
If art is something that sings to you, have a look at his collections.


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