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01: Symposium

The Artists Forum presents the online premiere of the award winning short film, “Symposium” by Tom Grady & Keith Onacle. This film will be the first in a series of online premieres from our film festival archives. This presentation includes an exclusive interview with the film’s creators and lead actor. (Total Program Runtime: 50:55)


2017 brought us the award-winning work of filmmakers Tom Grady & Keith Oncale, entitled “Symposium.” This short film features our 2017 Best Actress Award Winner Margaret Avery and our 2017 Best Actor Nominee Ezra Knight. In “Symposium,” Academy Award nominee Margaret Avery stars as an eccentric woman engaged in deep philosophical thought. She summons a serviceman to solve the mystery of her migrating kitchen appliance, leading to the revelation of a shared secret.

Much like our current reality, this short film explores aspects of isolation and social distancing brought on by a tragic situation. After viewing the film, please share your thoughts with us via social media on how this film and our current realities intertwine: @theartistsforum (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter). For more info on Symposium see: facebook.com/symposiumthemovie

🎬 Original premiere date: April 17, 2020. Encore dates: April 21 – April 30, 2020.

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