06: Celebrating Pride


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06: Celebrating Pride

THE ARTISTS FORUM Presents: “CELEBRATING PRIDE,” featuring a special online screening of works by four LGBTQ+ artists: “Expiration Date,” by Shwenn Chang (Taiwan), “Cha Cha Bitch” by Aaron Cobbett (US), and “Are You Holding Me or am I Holding Myself?” by César Brodermann (Mexico), and “The Man with the Western Hat,” by Cinder Chou. (Total Program Runtime: 69 minutes).


Part of our new online screening series, our program features works from THE ARTISTS FORUM FESTIVAL OF THE MOVING IMAGE. The program concludes with a conversation between our featured filmmakers and special guest Andy Humm from Gay USA discussing impactful works, trends, and possible avenues of increasing public participation with LGBTQ arts.


Expiration Date – (Animation) 04:31 min (2017) Writer/Director: “Shwenn” Shunya Chang (US). Looking for a lasting love seems like looking for a can without expiration date. A poetic story about searching for an unexpired romance, a mélange of sexy fantasy and innocent love.

Cha Cha Bitch – (Music Video) 03:50 min Writer/Director: Aaron Cobbett (US) Songwriter/Performer AB Soto. English/Spanish dance music video. The concept of this video is that he has so many costume changes he ends up in outer space.

Are You Holding Me Or Am I Holding Myself? – (Experimental) 11:47 mins (2017) Director: Cesar Brodermann (Mexico). A self-study examining the relationship between body, thoughts, actions, and seemly insurmountable gaps between what we think we want to feel and what we actually experience.

The Man with the Western Hat – (Narrative) 13:24 min (2016) Writer/Director: Cinder Chou (US). Anna encounters the handsome cowboy who appears to have stepped from the screen and onto the streets of Brooklyn. She soon discovers he may not be the hero she expected.

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🎬 Original premiere dates: June 26 – July 3, 2020.

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