05: Deconstruction Symbolism


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05: Deconstruction Symbolism

THE ARTISTS FORUM Presents: “Deconstructing Symbolism,” featuring special online premieres of “Reindeer Games,” by Mike Suchmann and Matt Lamourt (US), “Alphabet” by Kianoush Abedi (Iran), and “The Emoji Song” by Ben Rauch (US). (Total Program Runtime: 51:57)


Part of our new online showcase series, our triple feature showcases films from THE ARTISTS FORUM FESTIVAL OF THE MOVING IMAGE: 2018 that make use of symbolic visuals and movements to convey deep-rooted messages applied as the framework for the piece. The program concludes with analyses by sociologist Dr. Britta B. Wheeler and independent scholar George Radovanovich, who help to interpret these symbolic works.


Reindeer Games – (Music Video) 3:55 mins (2018) Writer/Director:  Mike Suchmann (US) Director: Matt Lamourt (US). Music: Oso Oso. A glimpse into the beach town of Yunahon and its colorful locals.

Alphabet – (Animation) 5:57 mins (2017) Writer/Director: Kianoush Abedi (Iran). It has been years since the people of this town forgot the alphabets of life. They have no sight, hearing, or speech left – but the words are impatiently waiting to be sung again.

The Emoji Song – (Comedy/Musical) 3:27 mins (2017) Writer: Ben Rauch (US) Director: Adam Volerich (US. Is the modern man overdoing it with emojis?

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🎬 Original premiere dates:: June 13th to June 20, 2020

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