02: August Sun


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02: August Sun

THE ARTISTS FORUM presents the online premiere of the award-winning short film, “August Sun” by Argentinian filmmaker Franco Volpi. This presentation includes an exclusive interview with the filmmaker. (Spanish with English subtitles. Total Program Runtime: 36:50)


In the film, Javier, an Argentine expat living in Europe, is back in his hometown of Buenos Aires following his father’s death. There, he arranges for his mother’s care who is suffering from mental health issues.

This complex, thought-provoking film has a universal theme, which explores a common life situation between seniors and their adult children — in this case, a mother and her son — who must navigate medical and social services to find the best placement for the widowed mother with no close-by family support.

Please share your thoughts about this moving film on our platform. And, remember to give a call to your families in this difficult time.

🎬 Original premiere dates: May 1 – May 14, 2020.

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